3 types of air ducts used in Las Vegas

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Las Vegas Air Ducts

Air ducts are the channels through which air pass to circulate into our homes. These conduits are always connected to the Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning (HVAC) systems. These air ducts supply warm or cool air to heat, ventilate, or cool rooms in the home. Most owners don’t know the use of these air ducts but tend to ignore rooms in their homes with cold or hot spots. They also wonder why there are uneven room temperatures and excess dust, and sometimes pay high electricity bills. The HVAC connected to the air ducts filters the warm or cool air by heating or cooling hence airing out thermal wellbeing and good indoor air that is good for the home.

They are three types of air ducts used in Las Vegas and other parts of the United States.

Sheet Metal Duct

Sheet metal ducts are the most reliable and hardly harbor molds. These metal sheets are always oval, round, or rectangular. Metal ducts are metals of aluminum and sometimes galvanized steel which is rustproof and some have a zinc coating to make them more reliable for use.

Flex Duct

These are simply made from steel wire spirals covered with bendable plastics which can act as insulators. Flex air ducts are used in areas that are rigid and difficult to carry ductwork from there. They have a good advantage of being easy to install, inexpensive and lightweight.

Fiberboard Duct

They are two layers of fiberboard duct resin and beware. The resin fiberboard air duct is made from the bonded inorganic fiberglass enclosed with an insulated foil to prevent the air and water vapor from penetrating. This layer is the least expensive, prevents noise, is well insulated, and inhibits airflow. Due to its many advantages, it is the most commonly used.

Beware fiberboard ducts, these are old fiberboard ducts that should not be cleaned nor treated because when you clean them they will release the fiberglass in the ducts and it will circuit in the home. The best advice is to replace them when they are overused and need to be cleaned.

Signs Your Ductwork Is Bad

Hot and cold spots in the house. For you to know that there is an issue with your air duct systems it’s usually easy like if you move from one room when it’s hot and then go to another when it’s extremely cold in this case you can use the thermometer and when you find the temperature in your house vary a lot then you can call an expert from any air duct cleaning company (Las Vegas air duct cleaner) to come and do the inspection.

Other signs may be high utility bills, little or no airflow in the ducts, and loud noise from the HVAC systems in your house.

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