Air Duct Cleaning Cost

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Typical Air Duct Cleaning Service

To maximize air quality and energy efficiency, all system components must be clean. We clean the pipes, drain pans, air chambers, coils, heat exchangers, fans, etc.

We can clean the entire system to ensure that we remove all deposits and debris. Similarly, we can also clean the whole system and discover hidden problems lurking in the system.

HVAC cleaning costs

Duct cleaning is not just about pipe cleaning. It is equally important to inspect and clean the air conditioning unit and/or furnace because maintaining all system components is one way to ensure that the system is effective.

The following is the average cost of cleaning different types of AC systems and ovens.

Residential and Commercial

If you need to clean air ducts in a commercial space if the size is 800-1500 square feet, you can use cheap cleaning methods to get rid of the dust, but the typical guess is that commercial air ducts are usually larger. Because of this, the cleaning service becomes a more expensive activity.

Why you should avoid Low ball offers?

Our advice is simple, avoid unobtrusively low offers.

Low-priced companies may be more harmful and costly in the long run. The fact is this: the average cost of cleaning the air ducts in most homes is between US $300 and $500. And the price has a basis on different factors such as the size of the house, the number of air ducts, and their composition.

The average price for cleaning air ducts is $35 per vent. So if your house has ten ventilation holes, the total cost will be $350.

This is the problem with these $99 specials actually, some advertising states as low a price as $49).

In this case, the company usually offers such a discount in the form of a coupon. It will be on display at a special price.

 Once inside, they discover other almost immediately-black mold issues is a common horror tactic by unethical contractors- or they price homeowners through additional services.

Those who experience these air duct cleaning scams end up paying up to $ 600 or even thousands of dollars.


Avoid air duct cleaning scams that may cost you

We have spoken to many homeowners who have suffered from these scams. These low-level companies often use insufficient tools and equipment, such as handheld vacuum cleaners and drill rigs. Similarly, there are even companies that do not have high-pressure equipment, and they end up doing shoddy work.

They quickly pass through the house, through several ventilation holes, and disappear within 30 minutes. In comparison, we know that a genuine real air duct cleaning takes 3-4 hours to complete.

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