Can Chimney Sweep be done by yourself?


Most homes in Las Vegas get confused when it comes to when their chimneys should be cleaned. And this work is quite simple as it can be done by yourself in quick few steps or you can decide to hire a professional if needed. Chimneys are usually compiled of creosote, the black and brown residues that collect on the inner surface of the chimney and are highly flammable. The creosote in dirt chimneys in Las Vegas is the main cause of chimney fires in different homes. When this creosote compiles in the inner surface of the chimney it burns hence causing cracks in the fireproof or the brick stones leaving holes in the chimney. When the stoves are lightened the heat can easily escape and catches the flammable material around your home hence causing the fire.

Chimney sweeping should be a regular task for most homes that use stoves in Las Vegas. A clean and efficient chimney is safe for use and also prevents fire outbreaks in most homes so it is advisable to always have your chimney cleaned. Chimneys that are swept with a shop vac and other standard chimney cleaning tools can help prevent creosote fires in most homes of Las Vegas. A chimney sweep can be done by yourself if you can reach the smoke chamber because that is the most crucial part of the chimney where most fire outbreak begins from. You can use a brush to clean the dirt there and also clean the chimney crown if you can reach there. But when those areas are not accessible like the chimney crown where most times roofs are steep then call a chimney sweep professional.

The person who cleans his chimney regularly should also call chimney experts once a year to come and inspect their fireplace because they are trained to check the chimney deteriorations and venting problems in chimneys. Chimney professional sweepers do not only inspect but also do soot building, obstruction, check for cracks and look for signs of water drainage. If the professional is called after a long period while using the chimney there may be hardened layers that would require special tools and chemicals to remove. Professional chimney cleaners look for those issues that you can’t see and fix the issues.

Note that also gas stoves need sweeping and it should be done at least once a year. Most people in Las Vegas think that while using gas stoves you would not require regular cleaning but gas fire flue can be blocked yet it acts as the exhausted pipe that removes carbon monoxide from homes. This can be so dangerous when these gases accumulate in the pipe hence it’s advisable to sweep gas stoves as a safety measure.

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