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According to the Chimney safety association of America, Between 2012 and 2014. More than 65,000 chimney fires broke out in the United States alone. Killing 50 people and causing $ 350 million in property damage.

We at Air Duct Vegas want to provide everything you need for a fireplace. And all the information you need so that you can make the right decisions about chimneys and fireplaces.

We have a BBB A + and an A rating on Angie’s list as a Super Service Award winner. And we are industry certified by the American Chimney Safety Association. Moreover,  our chimney sweepers have many years of professional experience cleaning, maintaining, and installing chimneys. And we actually have the best prices in town.

We’re not the only fireplace service provider in town.

But there are thousands of happy homeowners who believe our services are the best.

How often do you check or clean the chimney?

The National Fire Protection Association recommends inspecting the chimney at least once a year to ensure that it meets safety. And maintenance standards and is free of soot deposits and defects that can harm the chimney. If in doubt or if you haven’t checked the vent for a while, please call us.

Services we offer:

Chimney inspections and cleaning services

Our chimney inspection includes a camera-based review of the chimney system, the chimney system’s necessary cleaning. And a detailed description of the chimney’s current state after the inspection is thoroughly complete.

Our service technicians make sure there have been no problems since the last burning season. And that you and your family’s system are in the safest condition.

Firebox Repairing

After years of use, the joints of refractory bricks in masonry fireplaces will eventually crack. The heating and cooling process may damage the masonry parts in the fire chamber. And these must actually be repaired before the fireplace can be used again safely.

Water repellent services

In the Midwest, brick fireplaces suffer from extreme heat and heat all year round. Like sponges, brickwork absorbs and retains moisture.

The weather with heat and cold cycles can weaken the masonry structure and cause rapid deterioration. The chimney cleaner uses a water-based waterproofing agent so that the masonry can maintain breathability without absorbing water.

Chimney Flashing Services

Chimney flashing is another protective measure to prevent water from entering the house when the fireplace enters the house. Over time, water and external elements will rust, deform, and destroy the shimmering chimney.

The chimney sweeper can repair damaged flushing devices and provide temporary protection until the roof needs to be replaced. Using a waterproof seal, a rubber coating is applied on the top of the existing flush.


Finding a reliable and capable chimney and ventilation company can be difficult. Primarily due to the lack of industry-wide standards and regulations.

You might actually spend a lot of money to install a new fireplace or repair a leaking one. It was only done incorrectly because the repair company does not have a certification to do the work. So please be sure to do your due diligence before getting comprehensive chimney services.

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