How air duct vent cleaning is done


Air Duct Vents Cleaning has to be one of the most important services to keep in mind as the homeowner. The cleaning involves the duct cleaning for return and intake vents by the use of professional equipment. The service can include cleaning the fans, grills, and registers and the cleaning of the furnace in case you do have any. 

There are different equipment designed for different types of professional duct cleaning and it helps to make the home a better living environment.  It is recommended that the air duct should be cleaned after three up to five years. However, in certain cases, two up to three years will be the right time to do the cleaning. 

The equipment used for cleaning 

The air duct cleaner should have different types of equipment that will start from the small handheld items to the heavy ones. The company should also have the inspection tools such as a CCTV camera system, periscope, and simple mirror.  Inspection equipment can be used mostly if the duct had a clog or if there are any other reasons for air vents inspection like bad odors. 

The cleaning tools include an agitation device, vacuums, and brushes. Even if you may use the normal home vacuum or simple brush in order to clean the air vents, it is not recommended.   If the cleaning is not done right, the debris and pollutants will flow back into the home using the air ducts and the results will not be the same as if you got help from the professional. 

How the professional will clean the air ducts 

The entire cleaning process will be divided into 3 steps which are the pre-inspection, the duct cleaning, and the final inspection. 

 Pre-inspection: the cleaner, will come to your home and will start by inspecting the entire system.   The technician will check every access point of the ductwork and will assess the condition of the air duct by looking in the system. He will then decide the cleaning technique that should be used for the Air Duct Vents Cleaning in your home. When the assessment is done, then the cleaning should start. 

The cleaning:  the negative pressure with debris removal. When the cleaning starts, a technician should start with a vacuum collection unit.  He will be creating the negative air pressure within the air duct to make sure that the dirt and dust do not spread in the entire house and will be collected within the vacuum.  When the vacuum gets set up, the technician does agitate the ductwork and it will be taking all the pollutants out such as bacteria, pollen, and dirt in the duct.  

The final inspection 

  After the cleaning, it is important to do a new inspection for the air ducts to ensure that everything was taken out and that they work as required. 

To make sure that you get the best services, you should only get the Air Duct Vents Cleaning service from a trusted company.  Ensure that they have experience in working on a system like yours. 

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