How Cleaning Air Duct Vents Works?

professional air duct cleaning

Cleaning Air Duct Vents is our specialty so if you live in the Nevada area please contact us immediately for all your air duct cleaning needs.

Facts about the air we breathe

  • Fact: Most people spend about 75% of their time indoors according to the American Lung Association
  • Fact: Over 50 million Americans suffer from allergies. The levels of certain hazardous pollutants in indoor air are 70 times higher than those in outdoor air according to the EPA.

Why do you need professional Air Duct vent cleaning from Air Duct LV?

The HVAC system heats and cools the house by circulating the air in the room. Similarly, this process raises indoor dust which is the most serious cause of indoor allergy and asthma symptoms.

Dust collects and accumulates in the ventilation system, which reduces its efficiency. This also increases the cost of electricity, and at the same time reduces the indoor air quality of the house.

High humidity increases the accumulation of dust and pollutants in the system, and low humidity increases the circulation of pollutants in the home.

We can offer you a free indoor air quality test to ensure that you and your family breathe healthy air at home.

Our duct cleaning process

According to an EPA study, cleaning an HVAC system can reduce airflow restrictions. It does this by removing dust and deposits from the system, allowing it to operate more efficiently.

Cleaning systems can improve energy efficiency, reduce the potential for damage to the system’s hood, and thereby extend its overall useful life.

How often do you need to clean the ducts?

The frequency of cleaning depends on several factors. Some things that may make homeowners think about cleaning more often include:

  • If you have a smoker at home
  • Your pet has too much hair or sebum
  • If you live in a new or newly refurbished home
  • You are suffering from allergies or asthma.
  • If the furniture is dusty.
  • Or the air circulation is poor
  • If you have a headache, nausea, or eye discomfort.
  • Or if more than a year has passed since a specialist cleaned the household air duct.
  • Lastly, clean the air ducts, make breathing easier, and lead a healthy life

Why use air duct disinfectants?

Disinfectants are antibacterial chemicals that are applied to the inner surface of air ducts to control microbial contamination.

The system must be thoroughly cleaned before using the disinfectant. Importantly, the antibacterial agents used in the system must be registered with the EPA for use in the HVAC system.


Cleaning an air duct vent yourself can be time-consuming and tedious. Along with the cost of renting special equipment, you may not be willing to undertake this venture yourself.

It is a lot easier cheaper, and safer to get a vent cleaning pro. And if you are in Las Vegas, we recommend that you call us at Air Duct LV: 702-710-0755

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