How to become air conditioning contractor 

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The air conditioning contractor will repair, install, and will maintain the ductwork for electrical equipment and the controls for both the commercials and residential cooling system. You can call him if you have any problem which will require to be fixed on both outdoor and indoor.   The contractor can travel if there is a need to do the on-site repair and it will work in tight spots or in the cold or warm environment. If you want to become a contractor for ac 702, you have to keep the following in mind. 

Do the formal training for the HVAC: even if it is possible to learn about working on the HVAC using the work experience, the air conditioning contractor will complete the formal training most of the time and they will be having better opportunities when it comes to employment. The options can be apprenticeship programs, associate degree programs, and certificate programs. The apprenticeship will take up to 5 years and the certificate program may require a full-time study.  The associate degree program may take over 2 years to finish.  The common courses will include basic electricity, sheet metal fabrication, and refrigeration. 

It is a good idea for a person to take up computer science and electronics.  

People who are aware of how electronics and complex computer systems work will be able to deal with AC better. 

Get the EPA certificate:  the federal law will require the air conditioning contractor does work with the refrigerants so that they may pass the exam which ensures safety in handling AC.  The topic in the exam will be refrigerant recovery, the shipping or disposal of high-pressure refrigerants, shipping, small appliances, and low-pressure refrigerants. EPA will approve also community colleges and technical schools as exam providers. 

Get the experience 

The employers will like to get contractors who have at least 2 years or even more experience.  Some states will require that a person get experience before getting the license. The amount will be different from one state to another, but most of them will require 2 years of work experience.  It is possible to get experience by working near an experienced contractor or a master technician at the entry-level. 

Get the license 

Each state will be having its own qualification, so check what requirements you need for ac 702.  The state also may require a person to pass the criminal background check and to have performance bonds and liability insurance. The minimum age requirement may also apply.   You may also require to renew the license and a state may require you to continue learning about the AC work.  Before you renew the license, make sure that you took the required extra studies. 

Advance the career by getting certification: even if the professional certification is not necessary for employment, it will improve with the career opportunities. The certification will be given in specialized areas.  After getting all the certifications, you will be allowed to do the repairs, installation, and maintenance of the ac 702.

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