How to clean the dryer ventilation duct?


We offer dryer vent cleaning services in Vegas. Similarly, one of the most significant fire hazards in the home is that the dry vents become dirty.

The U.S. fire administration reports that tumble dryers cause more than 2,900 house fires, an average of 5 deaths, and over $35 million in damage annually. In addition to the risk of fire, dirty dryer vents increase drying times and increase energy costs.

If the drying vent becomes blocked, you will not see the effects right away, but eventually, it will waste time, energy, and money.

Blocked Vents issues

When tumble dryers that connect to vents fill with lint, dust, and dirt, they will also not work correctly. If the dryer typically cleans wet clothes in less than one cycle, it will now need to use it twice or three times due to the ventilation duct clogging.

Signs of lint accumulation

Does it take time to dry clothes? Do I need to do the same load twice? Does the top of the dryer become hot after each use?

The pipe may be blocked instead of the dryer malfunctioning. When passing large amounts of laundry, the removable dryer lint filter will capture most of the lint. However, lint debris can penetrate the filter and block the gaps in the dryer pipe. The accumulation of lint restricts airflow and may cause overheating. If the duct’s air becomes hot enough, the fluff will catch fire, and the dryer will catch fire.

How to clean the dryer ventilation duct?

Firstly, we recommend getting an expert to get this done right because, like any expert service, doing it yourself may leave you worse off than before.

Similarly, the tools and equipment required to clean the tumble dryer’s exhaust pipe include a vacuum cleaning unit with a really long hose attachment, a dryer exhaust brush kit, a driver, and UL foil tape.

Step one: Actually, the first thing you need to do is determine the beginning and end of the duct.

Step 2: Unplug the power cord from the socket, close the gas valve or propane valve, and then safely unplug the dryer.

Step 3: Pull the exhaust pipe out of the good pipe. Then actually remove the duct cover from the exit point so that you have free access to the entire duct.

Step 4: Insert the exhaust brush into the air duct and rotate it counterclockwise. At the same time, push the airbrush as far as possible along the air duct of the dryer

Step 5: Use a vacuum cleaner to clean the fluff coming out of the pipe. Use hose attachments to clean the openings at both ends and the lint separator housing.

Step 6: Replace all components of the dryer, and then plug it into the power outlet.


Improper installation will increase the cost of heating and air conditioning, which may cause pests to invade the house. So remember to make sure it is firmly fixed to the building and pressed tight.

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