How To Clean Your Air Ducts?

professional air duct cleaning

Air Duct Cleaning in Las Vegas is as complicated as it can get. The desert dust blowing in by winds makes this job quite challenging. However, we are actually up for the challenge. And we have the experience to do this job since we are uniquely qualified. And we have actually been cleaning air ducts in Vegas for a long time.

How to clean air ducts?

Every year, an average household collects up to 40 pounds of dirt, dust, and allergens in its air ducts. Every time someone uses a heater or air conditioner, these pollutants will spread throughout the family home. Or business, exacerbating respiratory diseases such as asthma. Making it critical to invest in professional air duct cleaning services.

Step one – Check the duct

Our Air Duct Cleaning Service first checks all air ducts in your home. After this inspection is complete. We connect the high-power fan and HEPA filter vacuum cleaner to the air duct system. Moreover, we have the technicians inspect the air ducts to ensure that they need to be cleaned.

Step two – emptying the dirt, dust, and grime.

We use powerful HEPA filters to vacuum clean the evaporator coils from the furnace, fans, and vent covers. Then connect it to the pipe to remove the dust deep in the system. Then use a duct cleaning tool to shake and remove all dust in the duct. Similarly, we suck all the loose dust into the truck through a vacuum hose.

Step three – Flush out using compressed air

After dissolving the contaminants that accumulate in the air duct. The compressed air is blown above the system to remove all dust in the duct with a unique suction system.

When should you actually get your air ducts cleaned?

If the following situations occur, you should consider cleaning the air ducts in your home:

  • When you can see significant mold growth in pipes on hard surfaces (such as sheet metal). Or other components of heating and cooling systems.
    • Due to visual inspection, many parts of the heating and cooling system may not be accessible. So ask us to inspect for you because it is a part of our service.
    • The substance may look like mold. But a definitive decision about whether it is mold or not should be made by an expert. And laboratory testing may be required for final confirmation.
    • Some microbiology laboratories will tell you for around $50. If the samples sent with transparent household duct tape strips are moldy or just similar substances.
    • Suppose you have an insulation duct.  If it is wet or moldy, you cannot clean it effectively, and you must remove and replace it.
    • If the conditions that caused mold growth cannot be corrected in the first place, mold growth will occur again.
  • The pipe is full of parasites. (Rodent or insect).
  • The pipe has excessive dust and debris, and/or particles are actually discharging from the supplied wood in the house.


Mold can be quite dangerous when it accumulates in your home.

And we at Air Duct Cleaning in Las Vegas have the expertise and experience to get rid of all air duct related issues to perfection.

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