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Our chimney cleaning Las Vegas service targets all Nevada residents that have a chimney. Besides, we are expert chimney cleaners, and we have been serving the Las Vegas, Nevada, area for many years.

Did you notice a peculiar smell next to the fireplace? Are you concerned about soot buildup and related safety issues? It is recommended that you call a fireplace cleaning professional from the Air Duct LV service at

Moreover, the Air Duct LV’s team has been providing homeowners services for more than ten years by delivering chimney inspections, chimney repairs, and other chimney services in the Las Vegas area. And we have adequate permits and insurance, and we guarantee our work.

Chimney cleaning service expectations

Air Duct LV provides professional chimney cleaning in Vegas. And below is an overview of the cleaning process.

Our experts will get on your roof and remove smoke and Creosote from the chimney using professional cleaning tools. Besides, Creosote is a toxic by-product of wood-burning and must be emptied regularly. However, after brushing the posts above and below the vent, you should also visually check the work’s integrity.

Clean the smokebox. Use a small brush to scrub the cigarette case in the fireplace, suck the soot from the mouthpiece and then shovel or soak up the Creosote.

Vacuum from the combustion chamber. Similarly, use special brushes to remove debris in the combustion chamber and check each part of the system’s condition in detail.

Similarly, if you need professional fireplace cleaning services, trust Air Duct LV experts to provide unmatched expertise and customer service.

Advantages of the chimney cleaning service

Having a professional cleaning fireplace is more than just doing the housework. This is essential for the safety of the family. Other benefits include:

Prevent Carbon Monoxide Poisoning: Cleaning the chimney ensures proper air circulation, so the carbon monoxide will drain from the duct instead of seeping into the house.

IMPROVES HOME HEATING EFFICIENCY: The clean chimney allows oxygen to enter the combustion box, helping the wood-burning fireplace to burn the logs more completely and efficiently.

Easy Chimney Inspection: After the professional chimney sweep, the chimney sweep can inspect the chimney without being disturbed by the accumulation of soot and Creosote.

Fire Prevention: Creosote produced by wood stoves is a viscous and highly flammable substance that can cause fires in chimneys and damage homes.

It keeps releasing smoke, just like carbon monoxide returning to a dirty chimney and home. Moreover, a clean vent prevents ash and ash from damaging furniture, carpets, and clothing.

Besides, if you need professional chimney cleaning services in the Vegas area, contact the Air Duct LV team immediately. Contact us now to arrange the cleaning of the fireplace.


Our scope of service covers most areas of the Vegas area. Protect your family and loved one’s with our chimney cleaning Las Vegas service.


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