Is it essential to keep the chimney clean?


For many years, we have provided the best in chimney inspection, repair, and cladding services to customers in Las Vegas and Nevada’s surrounding areas.

Is it essential to keep the chimney clean?

What is often on the back burner in modern times is the importance of keeping the chimney clean and in the best working conditions.
Besides, suppose you find an unpleasant smell or worry about its accumulation or related safety risks. Furthermore, in that case, we actually do recommend that you contact us, and one of our chimney cleaning experts will answer all your questions.

What are the chimney cleaning services that we provide?

We know that if soot and ashes are around the house, they may make a mess.
Moreover, we always use protective film in front of the fireplace and other places to keep your home or company intact. Besides, we use an industrial vacuum cleaner to pick up debris from cleaning.

How we clean the chimney

  • We remove soot and old soot deposits. Our experts will climb up the roof and use professional cleaning tools to remove the smoke and oil fume from the chimney flue.
  • Besides, Olea europaea is a toxic by-product of wood-burning and should be removed regularly. After moving the brush up and down in the chimney with rods, visually check the work’s integrity.
  • Similarly, we clean the soot room. Put the small brush in the fireplace’s smoke chamber and collect or vacuum the soot and creosote from the smoke rack.
  • Finally, we wipe the stove. Use special brushes to remove debris in the fire chamber and carefully check each part of the system’s condition.

Chimney crowning

The chimney crown is the top of the chimney masonry, which protects the chimney from water and corrosion. Moreover, an improper structure will cause water to flow down the chimney, promoting water absorption. And further damage.
Furthermore, if your existing structure has cracks or damage, you have two options.
Besides, our engineers can repair the current mortar cleaning by applying a soft and waterproof crown coating. Or replace the entire structure of a properly constructed concrete crown.

Chimney capping and spark arrestors

Chimney capping offers a variety of chimney cover options. A single standard-sized cap provides the necessary protection. And a full-size custom cap protects the entire top of the fireplace.
Moreover, chimney pots/spark screens prevent animals’ invasion, debris, and stormy weather and add beauty to your home. Our copper and stainless steel options have a limited lifetime warranty and are corrosion resistant.

Chimney relining and repairing the liner

If the chimney cladding has been damaged or missing, the chimney cladding will need to be clad, or the existing cladding system will need repairing (if applicable).
Moreover, the chimney lining’s actual function is to safely emit all combustion by-products such as smoke, heat, carbon monoxide, and water vapor. Besides, damaged or non-existent coatings can damage the interior of the fireplace, house, and house.


Finally, Air Duct LV technicians are factory-trained chimney cleaners. We have the requisite experience and know-how to clean and repair any issues affecting the chimney lining by filling dangerous cracks and crevices.

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