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If you want to clean the chimney, the right time to do it is during the warm months, which are in spring or in the late summer. This is because during this time, you will not need to light up the fireplace for warmth and you need to make it ready when the cold starts. You need to get the Las Vegas chimney sweep service every year.

Why do you need to have the chimney cleaned?

It is important to keep up with this routine whenever you think about home maintenance. As you burn the fossils fuels or wood, there will be the buildup of creosote and another residue that may cause the fire.

You can decide to have the chimney cleaned in two different ways. You may clean it yourself or call a company like Air Duct LV to help you with the cleaning. However, you should not assume that the job is easy and consider doing it yourself since even the professional may take up to two hours to clean it, with all the right equipment they do have.

The basics of chimney cleaning

If you want to start cleaning the chimney on your own, then you need to be aware of the flue height. You should get a ladder to get to the roof. Other tools you may need include a power drill and screwdriver that will remove the rain cap, and a wire chimney brush with its extensions. You should also get Personal protective equipment to protect your face and your eyes from the soot and ash.

Sometimes you may climb into the chimney if it is bigger enough, but this can turn out to be messy and you will need tarps for the furniture and floors. You will also need to get a wire brush with a dustpan to collect the debris and sooth at the bottom of a fireplace.

Besides learning about Las Vegas chimney sweeping, you will also need to learn how to keep your chimney clean for a long period.

Burn dry and seasoned firewood only: when you burn logs with moisture, they will produce more smoke with less heat. You should use the logs that have dried for at least 6 months or use a moisture meter to know if the logs are ready to use.

Use real log whenever possible: when you use artificial wood, it will release more smoke and it increases creosote build-up

Increase the oxygen for the fire: the oxygen is the fuel used for the fire and it will increase the combustion which will reduce creosote. Open the flue so that the excess debris and chemical may leave the chimney. When you have the fireplace door like glass panels, when you open them or open the window in the home, it can promote good airflow for the fire and the family.

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