Professional Air Duct Vents Cleaning in Las Vegas

air duct cleaning in las vegas

Professional air duct vent cleaning in Las Vegas requires a company with a lot of experience and expertise. Vegas is in the midst of a desert climate, making it a lot easier to accumulate dust in the house.

Why choose us

Air Duct LV cleans the air ducts according to the NADCA protocol. We are a professional and expert company that has been cleaning air ducts for a long time.

How we clean air ducts in Las Vegas

The process of cleaning and removing the air duct uses a negative pressure air machine. The machine draws 2700 cubic feet of air per minute from the system.

During the negative pressure air machine opening, technicians use the cleaning tools on each vent to clean and remove debris from the negative pressure air machine.

Finally, technicians can use electric brushes, wind whips, and air agitators to penetrate deep into the pipeline.

Tips to look out for when hiring an air duct vents cleaning service in Las Vegas

Please beware of the carpet cleaners that double as vent cleaners

This is the classic upsell method for carpet cleaners. They try to provide vent cleaning as a way of getting their foot in the door. Working on the carpet and cleaning the air ducts at the lowest price.

Combining the two might sound practical, but these are two completely different services requiring different expertise. So don’t fall for it because these guys are not expert air duct cleaners and may do a poor job.

The actual cost of cleaning the air duct

You can expect to pay hundreds of dollars (up to about $ 500). And you must prepare for the job to take two to four hours to complete.

To find a well-known air duct cleaning company in Las Vegas, you can try us at Air Duct LV. Or contact the National Ventilation Cleaning Association, an industry association.

Know when to clean the vent and when not to

Our advice is to clean the vents immediately after moving to a new home. There is a lot of construction waste. Wood chips, drywall waste, and even plastic bags can get into the plumbing system of new homes.

Similarly, a typical vent cleaning should be done every 3-5 years unless someone in your family has trouble breathing. And if that’s the case, we advise you to do it sooner.

Excessive cleaning of the HVAC system

When it comes to dust with HVAC, most maintenance plans include regular replacement of vent filters. However, changing the filters between visits (usually every three months). It usually helps keep the system running for maximum efficiency and dust reduction. But that does not mean cleaning the vents every three months.


Since it can be expensive to complete properly, most people don’t need to clean their air ducts every year.  Similarly, you can contact us at Air Duct LV for all your air duct vent cleaning services in Las Vegas.

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