Professional Chimney Sweeping In 2022


Why do you have to use a sweeping chimney service in 2022?

Well, the chimney sweep can remove creosote and soot to ensure safe operation and prevent deterioration.

Most people know that chimneys need to be cleaned, but not many people consider cleaning them until poor ventilation arises.

However, in most cases, these problems can be much more serious than they initially imagine. Poor ventilation can be caused by the buildup of creosote, a highly flammable substance, or other obstructions leaking toxic gases.

Creosote Buildup

When wood is burned, cresols and phenolic compounds are released to form creosote.

Similarly, if the temperature of the chimney or flue is below 400 degrees Fahrenheit and the moisture content of the fire exhaust gases is high, there is condensation on the wall of the chimney.

As you know, if creosote buildup is low, a chimney fire is relatively harmless however the risk is higher if the buildup is high.

Similarly, if there is a large amount of creosote residue in the chimney, it is difficult to extinguish the chimney. 

At best, this can crack or damage the chimney liner and cause the house to collapse. In the worst case, it catches fire.

Why do you need a chimney sweep?

The main purpose of sweeping is to remove as much flammable creosote as possible. This minimizes the possibility of a dangerous chimney fire. Similarly it;

  • Reduces the risk of a chimney fire 
  • Eliminates acid buildup that would damage the chimney 
  • Able to properly assess the condition of the chimney 
  • Helps eliminate bad odors 
  • Improves chimney traction

Our Chimney sweeping program at Air Duct LV

Chimney sweeping is slightly different depending on the type of system you are using (such as masonry systems, prefabricated systems, freestanding stoves, and stove plug-ins).

Chimney sweep for masonry system

  • Assess creosote buildup in the flue and smokebox.
  • Take the runner’s path through the carpeted area to the fireplace and place a tarp in front of the fireplace. 
  • Set up the vacuum, cover the fireplace opening, and start using the dust-proof vacuum. 
  • Clean the chimney from above with a brush and rod. 
  • Clean the smokebox, vacuum the back of the vacuum and clean the fireplace. 
  • Clean the soot and ash leftover from the floor of the fireplace. 

Prefabricated fireplace and chimney

  • Confirm that creosote has accumulated in the chimney flue. 
  • Place a track for runners from the carpet to the fireplace and place tarps in front of the fireplace.  
  • Brush the interior of the fireplace. 
  • If possible, enter the chimney through the roof and check the pot cover and cover condition. 
  • Clean the rest of the oil soot from the fireplace floor a. 
  • Note the conditions encountered during sweeping in the work instructions 


Professional chimney sweeping is necessary for many homeowners in 2021. Not only for insurance benefits but to prevent fires and increase the resale values in the home.

Similarly, please contact the chimney sweeping professionals at Air Duct LV to help you with all your fireplace needs.

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