The right equipment for Chimney Sweeping

chimney cleaning

When it comes to Chimney Sweeping, you will need more than just steady hands to have the job done. You will need all the cleaning tools you can get your hands on to ensure that the job is done right.    

The most important tools are brushes:

Wire brush  

Each Chimney Sweeping will be accomplished with the chimney sweep brush.  This is a wire brush that will reach all the crannies and nooks. They are good when it comes to cleaning the masonry chimney that has clay flue.  The brushes are found in U-shape, rectangle, square, and round and they will fit in any corner of a chimney.  The brush is able to get rid of the tarred or glazed creosote deposits.  However, if the chimney is too dirty or it has not been cleaned for many years, you will need to have more powerful equipment.  

Power sweeping equipment  

When you need an effective tool to clean the chimney, then you will need to have a more powerful tool. You can go for the sweeping tool with a rotary cleaning solution and a button lock system. It uses an interlocking wire handle that will be strong to work on any job and it can be adjusted to fit the needs you have.  

Polypropylene brush  

 This is the right brush if you are cleaning a delicate chimney such as these that have been lined using stainless steel.  The poly brush will ensure that the steel liner does not get scuffs or scratches from a harder brush.  

Smoke chamber brush  

The lining on the flue is not the only place to clean. The creosote may build up in the smoke chamber. With this brush, it is easy to break up the deposits and the creosote to make sure that the chamber will not pose hazards to the homeowners.  This is the right choice when it comes to reaching to tricky corners or cracks in the chimney.  

Flexible cleaning rod  

Even if this is not a brush on its own, it will be used to fit different types of brushes. The rod is flexible and it offers the right choice when it comes to cleaning the chimney that has turns.  The chimney sweep does have different rods that may be used to affix the brushes so that they may be swapped out when needed according to the materials and the size of the chimney.  

Cleaning agents:  

When the tools are not enough, then you can go for the agents that can easily lift up the creosote where it is too dense. 
Cleaner for ceramic glass:  all chimneys or fireplaces are not made using the standard building materials. When you are dealing with ceramic glass, it is important to have the right cleaning agent that had been designed just for it.  

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