The signs that show that you need dry vent cleaning  


The humid and hot air that are the results of drying the clothes will move outside using the dryer vent opening.  However, as time passes, the lint will build up in the lint trap and into the hose. This is why you need regular cleaning for your dryer vent.  The humidity in the home will increase whenever you dry out the clothes, while the machine will not be efficient.  The dryer vent hose can also lower the quality of the air in the home and it may lead to a fire.  There are some signs to look out for, to know if it is the right time for Dryer Vent Cleaning Las Vegas.

 It takes longer to dry the clothes

Drying the clothing load should not take more than 40 minutes. However, if the dry vent is clogged, it will be taking more time than this. The vents are designed to push the hot, and moist air outside and they will pull in even more dry air to ensure that the clothing works in an effective way. When the dryer vents get clogged, then the moist air will not have any place to do and it will waste the energy which increases the utility bills and wear out the blower and heating elements.

When the clothes do not get dry at the end of the cycle, then you will need to have the hose checked to ensure that there are no lint problems.  The house may also have a musty smell caused by mildew and mold that will be growing because of the clothing that is not dried well.

Burning smell

When the house gets a burning smell while running the dryer, it may be because of the lint. The dryer lint can be flammable and when it is put on, small lint may burn in the dryer hose and the lint trap when they got too hot.  The lint may get too hot and catch fire.  Call the professional to inspect the dryer vents if there is a burning smell in the house.

A hot dryer

When the dryer vents get clogged, they will fail to take the hot air outside and the dryer will start to feel hot at the touch.   The clothing and the laundry room may also feel hot.

Lint at the outside of the opening of the vent

The vent opening is found at the outside and this is the place where the hot air will be taken. The outside opening is at least 6 inches.  If you inspect it and you see that there is debris and lint at the opening, then you should call a professional cleaner.  If the opening flap is not also opening, then it means that the hose had been clogged and it needs the Dryer Vent Cleaning Las Vegas.

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