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The importance of keeping the chimney clean 

Regular inspection, cleaning, and chimney sweeping are essential to reduce the risk of harmful emissions and prevent the chimney from catching fire, whether it is a fully open fireplace, a coal-fired, or a wood-fired fireplace. 

Similarly, when doing a chimney sweep, please pay attention to removing soot, potential blockages, and clearing all sorts of debris accumulated in the chimney lining and fireplaces to prevent chimney combustion exhaust fumes. 

Creosote is actually a highly flammable substance that accumulates in the chimney when burning firewood. The more you use the fireplace, the more it will generate more creosote. 

 This is actually especially true if you have bad smoking habits. It is worth noting that certain types of wood because more creosote accumulation. The best example is pine. 

The cost of cleaning a chimney depends on the chimney’s condition, its accessibility, and the number of ducts that they need to sweep. 

How often do you need to clean the chimney?

Unmanned chimneys pose a health and safety hazard, so chimney inspections should be planned at least annually. Each vent has its own sweep frequency, depending on the type of fuel it burns and the type of equipment. 

NACS (National Chimney Smoking Association) publishes the following general cleaning guidelines: 

  • In case of fire using smokeless fuel, at least once a year 
  • Firewood and coal fires need a quarterly cleaning during use 
  • Gas and oil appliance chimneys need annual cleanings. 
  • When looking for a quote, ask an expert to provide you with an annual or quarterly chimney cleaning fee. 

How do you actually know if I need to clean the chimney?

When it comes to cleaning the chimney, we don’t recommend cleaning it yourself. However, there are still some warning signs that are worth paying attention to. If the fire burns slowly, it may be due to a clogged chimney. 

Similarly, room smoke can indicate a clogged chimney and requires urgent attention. If you don’t see enough vents to determine obstacles, it’s best to hire a specialist to inspect them. 

What is a chimney sweep?

A chimney sweep is a person who removes soot from a chimney. The fireplace uses the hot gas column’s pressure difference to generate airflow that draws air into the hot coal or wood for continuous combustion.  

Is a chimney sweep cheap?

The equipment needed for a chimney sweep is really cheap, so clean it yourself and save. Check out my detailed demonstration of how to clean the fireplace. We’re cleaning the fireplaces of a wood stove here, but many of the points shown also apply to direct fire. 

Is it okay to clean the chimney?

Cleaning your chimney is clearly different than cleaning your fireplace. Ensuring security is very important. Therefore, to ensure the chimney’s cleanliness and safety, to avoid the inevitable dangers, the chimney must first be cleaned without a guide. 


Chimney sweeps are still in operation due to the need to maintain a ventilation system for coal, kerosene, natural gas, wood, and pellet combustion equipment. People understand better the dangers of smoke deposits, carbon monoxide, and combustion gases. Continue to use standard fireplace brushes and find a professional to do the job for you correctly. 

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