What to expect from a dryer vent cleaning service 


If you start to look for the dryer vent cleaning services near me, you will find out that the services are not the same. In case you had decided that the ductwork in the home should be professionally cleaned, then you should be aware of what is involved in the service and you should know that it is more than just normal vacuuming. 

The following are some of what to expect from the cleaning service. 

  •  If you have a single cooling or heating duct system, the entire cleaning can be done in just a day. 
  • The duct cleaning service should start by assessing the duct layout. 
  • The large HEPA vacuum gets connected to the central location for the supply of the air duct. The vacuum does offer high-intensity suction for the registers, vents, and ducts from an entire home. 
  • Starting at every vent or the register opening, the technicians should use the specialized tools with high-pressure air in order to loosen up the debris and to move loosened material in the main trunk line for the duct system. 
  •  A technician should then clean the main trunk line and use HEPA vacuum equipment. 
  •  If the entire duct had been cleared, a technician will repeat this process for the return duct. 

It is believed that the air pollution found in an average home can turn out to be dangerous compared to outdoor air pollution. If the fumes, cigarette smoke, pet dander, and dust with other substances may be trapped inside the house. This will lead to health problems.   When you decide on dryer vent cleaning services near me, it will improve the quality of indoor air which will reduce the cases of asthma and allergies in children and adults. 

Some people do not consider cleaning of the duct system as important and this is why they fail to clean the duct as many times as they have been recommended. In addition to having a system that works well, a clean duct will also reduce the utility bill. 

Steps in duct cleaning  

The first step in duct cleaning is HVAC system inspection.  This is to make sure that the system is working as it should.  This is also to determine if the system requires the cleaning or if there are any extra services that have to be done.  When the duct in the home requires cleaning, the technician will work on both the supply and the return duct with specialized equipment. 

The parts that require the cleaning are: 

  •  The registers, grillers, and diffusers 
  • The fans and blowers 
  • The return and supply air plenums 
  • The  heat exchangers, primary or secondary 
  • Coils with any other components 

Within the duct cleaning, a technician will inspect ductwork to ensure that it did not sustain structural damage.  When the ductwork requires repair, then the dryer vent cleaning services near my provider will schedule a new appointment for you.  Other extra services that you may need are airflow balancing or duct sealing.  

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