When it’s the right time for Chimney Sweeping?


For many people, Chimney Sweeping may not be on their list of important things to do. This is because people will think about the chimney if they are cold. The fireplace can make the home feel cozy and warm.

Sometimes you may fail to consider the combustible creosote and the build-up on the interior of the walls of the chimney whenever the fire starts to burn. It is not possible to know if such build-up will turn out to be a threat to the home and health of the family.

If you are not cleaning the chimney on regular basis, then you may put yourself and your house at risk of the following problems.

  • The fire from the chimney
  • Exposure to the carbon monoxide
  • The illness for the family and the family members
  • The buildup of the mold into the chimney

Even if these dangers can be around, it is hard to know when they will happen and there will be no warning signs about it. This is why it is advised to call experts to inspect the chimney on regular basis and they will determine when it is the right time to clean it. The inspection should be done on yearly basis.

If the chimney does not have the cap at the top, then it is good if you get it cleaned before its usage especially before the winter. You should also get the cap so that the chimney does not suffer because of the moisture, critters, and debris that may enter into it. The squirrels and birds are attracted to chimney and they will make nests inside them.

How to choose the right chimney sweeping service?

When it comes to Chimney Sweeping, you have to be careful since there are many people involved in it and some can turn to be scams. Some will be willing to take your money and they will not be able to perform the services. For long period, some dishonest people can tell you that they can clean or repair your chimney but it will not be the case. They may take the money and they will run without doing anything for you.

  • The chimney sweeping industry is not regulated: even if sweeping of the chimney is an important part of the safety of the house, the industry itself had not been regulated. Anyone can start up a business and this is why you have to be careful about who you hire.
  • Check about their NFI certification: a minimum national recognized standard of the professional chimney is to get the certification from NFI and chimney Sweep Institute of America.
  • Check the chimney Sweep identification: If you hire a company to come to clean your chimney, you have to ensure that the person who comes to your home is really working with that company through his identification.
  • Other steps to take care to ensure that the company has insurance coverage and check about their references. You should also expect prompt service and professionalism from that company you are hiring.

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