Why do you need to have your chimney swept?


 If you are having a wood-burning chimney, you have to ensure that it is cleaned at least once every year.   However, people who own gas-burning fireplaces may think that it is not required to have it cleaned. The gas fireplace is believed to be safer and cleaner compared to the wood-burning ones, however, as time passes, they may develop some issues.   

Why do you need the Chimney sweeping for the gas fireplace?  

 There are many reasons why you need to have the fireplace maintained and cleaned. The gas fireplace which is poorly maintained may turn dangerous.  In some instances, it may even be illegal to refuse to clean the chimney. According to where do you live, the insurance city, and the county, skipping the cleaning can come with some fees.
However, compared to a wood fireplace, the chimney for gas fireplaces is easy to clean. As time passes the buildup will happen. The buildup has to be cleared away well and on the regular schedule. This will mean once every year according to how they are being used. The best time that the cleaning should take place is during the summer, or in fall, waiting for the cold to start.  

What happens if you forget about Chimney Sweeping 

  • When the residue starts to build up within the chimney, it will pair with the cloudy film found within the chimney that allows the viewing through glass doors. The residue can ignite and start the fire in the chimney. This is dangerous since it may lead to problems that may cause damage to the home or chimney.  
  • Second scenario: there is damage on the crowns, mortar, or doors.  These poor seals, cracks, and chips can lead to moisture leaks within the system and it will cause some problems.  This will let the toxic fumes leak within the air that someone is breathing into.  Carbon monoxide should be of concern. It can be odorless, but it can make people sick and it can kill sometimes.  
  •  The summer passes, the blockage will develop within a chimney. This will be caused by poor airflow, chimney fires, or carbon monoxide which may be infiltrated into the home.  

When you call an expert for chimney sweeping, he will start by doing the inspection of the chimney and he will decide what to do for the chimney. The major part of the inspection is to see if the chimney works well.  It does mean that y the expert will look at the interior and exterior damage while ensuring that a flue looks clear.    

If the chimney had not been used for some days, then there maybe debris which will block its flue.   It may be nests or leaves.  The technicians will also talk about the issues concerns which you will be having.  He ensures that whatever is required will be working well. Whenever there is a problem, it should be addressed during the cleaning.  The Chimney Sweeping should be done on the glass panels, vents, and chimneys.  

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