About Us

Our Story

AirDuct LV started with a small group of friends with a strong friendship and background in air duct cleaning, dryer vent cleaning, and chimney cleaning. The team then started a partnership to establish AirDuct LV. Now, our business has over 10 years of experience helping the Las Vegas valley with all their air duct needs.

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Our Mission

Our mission is simple: to provide the best service and quality care to every customer. AirDuct LV uses the best equipment and tools to protect the customer’s air duct vents while still providing a clean service. Making sure that we provide you with permanent cleaning solutions is our highest priority.

AirDuct LV hand-selects every brush, wire and tool we use to provide the customer with careful yet precise service. Our team will never try to upsell a service that a customer doesn’t need. AirDuct LV services the entire Las Vegas valley and the surrounding areas.

From same-day service to emergency service, we can provide the customer with great air duct service for their commercial or residential property. We service anything from suburban homes to medical facilities, businesses, and even classrooms!



Our Results

We truly mean it when we say we provide the best service results for all your air duct needs! The team at AirDuct LV makes sure that your home or business has clean and crisp air quality. Las Vegas is a dry desert that’s home to dust, dirt, and other debris. All of these allergens can make their way into your air duct system.

Honest Service Provides Honest Results

Over time, this can compromise your air quality and the condition of your AC system. One service from AirDuct LV is all you need to get better energy efficiency and a smoother functioning HVAC system. Be sure to call us today to schedule a service from AirDuct LV.

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